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It’s Always Punny in Petaluma!

Apr 11, 2019 / madmin

When one of Petaluma’s most recognized characters celebrates a milestone birthday, it’s fitting that the whole town join in wishing her happy birthday! When Clo the Cow turned 50 in 2019, it was fitting that the Butter & Egg Days Parade & Festival paid tribute to the always-smiling mascot for Clover Sonoma and the PUNderful sense of humor that she shares on billboards throughout the county. MORE

The First Egg Day Parade

Apr 10, 2019 / madmin

Petalumans know that when you travel outside of Sonoma County and tell someone that you’re from Petaluma, the next question often is, “Isn’t that the place that has a chicken parade?” Chickens are just the beginning It’s true – Petaluma does have an egg-centric past. Today, we relish sharing the many other characteristics that make Petaluma such a vibrant and special place – the community’s commitment to preserving our rich heritage, our makers who produce handcrafted cheese, brews and spirits, and talented chefs who use the bounty from local farms and ranches to create award-winning dishes – just to name a few of our claims to fame beyond the “World’s Egg Basket.” Proud of our past But there’s one day every year that we crack open the shells from the egg basket of our past and fully embrace Petaluma’s prominent place in poultry production. MORE

Bringing a Historic “Maker” Back to Life

Sep 14, 2017 / madmin

The "Silk Mill" Hampton Inn is the Petaluma's newest "old" hotelMakers make things that people need. However, as times change, the needs change. So when there is an opportunity to preserve the heritage of something special while transforming – or making – something new, it is a winning situation.Such is the journey of the Silk Mill to the Hampton Inn. MORE

Petaluma “Makers”

/ madmin

“Makers” From Petaluma's Past and Present Make Our City Great Petaluma is a place where people know how to get things done. Expressed in the current vernacular, Petaluma is – and always has been – a city of makers. MORE

Cheers! 8 Reasons Why Petaluma Is Such a Special (And Friendly) Place

Mar 29, 2017 / madmin

There's a lot that can be said about why Petaluma such a special place; this is the condensed version: 1.      The Small Town with the Big Personality Although Petaluma’s population may be on the small side (56,727), you’ll never hear Petaluma described as a sleepy little town. Far from it. Petaluma’s Events Calendar is jam-packed with fairs, festivals and events that are a little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun. MORE

You Thought You Knew Petaluma

Oct 26, 2016 / madmin

You know Petaluma is charming and picturesque but you might not know that...Petaluma had the world’s first and only chicken pharmacy.The annual Salute to American Graffiti—when more than 350 classic cars rumble into downtown Petaluma for the car show and festival—pays tribute to George Lucas' classic movie (many of the film’s most memorable shots were filmed here).Chartered in 1858, Petaluma is one of California’s oldest cities, and many of its 19th-century iron-front buildings built along the Petaluma River are still in use.Thanks to its granite bedrock, Petaluma was one of a few California towns to survive the legendary 1906 earthquake with only minor damage.The Petaluma Gap is a wind-tunnel-like opening that starts between Tomales Bay and Bodega Bay, builds up speed through Petaluma, then empties in the San Francisco Bay. Daily temperature swings range from forty to fifty degrees. MORE