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Refreshing Desserts at Once Upon A Slush

Photo by Hiro Sogi

Why are people lining up on American Alley? Once Upon a Slush, easily identified by a magical blue castle logo suspended above a bed of clouds, is Petaluma’s go-to for a refreshing treat. Located in Petaluma’s vibrant Putnam Plaza, seekers of scrumptious desserts will find Once Upon a Slush, an unexpected suprise. According to Dave Templeton, Community Editor of the Argus Courier, “If you hear the word “slush” and think of some syrup splattered, sno-cone/shaved ice soup to slurp with a straw, think again. Once Upon a Slush treats are gorgeous, gravity defying mountains of crunchy-cold flavored ice, optionally layered with the best soft-serve you’ve ever tasted, often bedazzled with sprinkles and drizzles, served up with exuberant style (and sometimes a joke).” 

But the reason you’ll sometimes find lines stretching down American Alley is the menu variety of slushes themselves. Served with panache and in made-to-order waffle cones, Once Upon a Slush offers many options and the flavors change daily.

Check out the Once Upon a Slush Petaluma Facebook Page each morning for the daily posting of available flavors. And yes, there are sugar-free options!

Once Upon a Slush is open daily and located in Putnam Plaza (122b American Alley).

Photo by Hiro Sogi

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