Della Fattoria Voted Top 10 In US

Exciting changes underway for Della Fattoria

The delicious news that Della Fattoria is expanding is spreading through the foodie community like melted cave-aged gruyere on housemade toasted polenta bread.

For 14 years, Della Fattoria, known as one of the best bread bakeries in the entire country, has been serving locally-sourced meats, cheeses and produce – and of course, their artisan bread – for breakfast and lunch at 141 Petaluma Blvd. N. When the restaurant space to the immediate south happened to become available, owner Kathleen Weber knew that she had to jump on it even though she wasn’t sure how they would ultimately use the space.

“We are evolving. The potential that this new space offers to seat more people and make it comfortable and unique is exciting to us. The town will let us know what they want and we will be listening.”

In the meantime, Della’s restaurant has relocated to the 139 Petaluma Blvd. N. while the kitchen at the original café location is remodeled. While the 150 year-old building has provided a feeling of authentic charm for the restaurant, there are unexpected challenges in updating the electrical and plumbing in such an old building.


But Kathleen believes that the worst is behind them and looks forward to having a much more efficient kitchen that will enable them to offer more menu options and increase the seating. The restaurant will also be connected to 143 Petaluma Blvd. N., an area that Della recently took over to use as an event space.

The event venue is already being used by the local non-profits, something that Kathleen is delighted to be able to accommodate. “What we have here is a community that cares about Petaluma, who likes to gather and share ideas, and we have the space for them to do just that,” she adds.

The Petaluma Arts Center hosts their monthly “Idea Lounge” discussion groups at Della Fattoria and the gala for the new “Wine Country Spoken Word Festival” will be held at the intimate venue. Kathleen is also proud to partner with Creative Sonoma to provide the space for a pop-up art show presented by a local artist funded through their grant program.

Even with all the logistical challenges that the restaurant faces in adapting to new spaces, Della Fattoria hasn’t lost their focus on serving delicious food showcasing the best products from Sonoma County farms and ranches. Bellwether Farms ricotta, Zoe’s Meats Pastrami, and eggs from their nearby ranch are just a few of the ingredients on their tempting menu. A food writer recently described the trip to Della as a “pilgrimage of Wine Country pleasure.”

Della Fattoria
139 Petaluma Blvd.N.
Open 7am-3pm daily