List of Petaluma’s Farmers Markets

A lot has changed since Petaluma was chartered in 1858. Through it all, Petaluma has stayed true to its roots as an area known for its agricultural bounty and diversity. Artisan cheeses, organically-grown heirloom vegetables, all-natural free range poultry, and fresh-off-the-farm eggs are just a few of the products that give Petaluma its well-earned reputation as an area of delicious abundance.

Dotting the fertile Petaluma valley, you’ll find family farms and ranches that take pride in using the same time-honored techniques perfected by the generations before them; they know that there’s no cutting corners when it comes to producing authentic flavor. Taste and see for yourself at one of Petaluma’s farm-to-table restaurants, farmers’ markets, or ranch tours.

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Whether you call it “agri-toursim” or you just want to know more about where your food comes from, you don’t have to travel far afield in Petaluma to have an experience that connects you with a working ranch or farm.

About 10 minutes from downtown is 260-acre family owned and operated Tara Firma Farms. They are passionate about educating consumers so they offer free tours on weekends to share why all-natural and environmentally-friendly farming practices make a difference. On the east side of town, Green String Farm is recognized as a leader in climate-conscious farming. They grow produce for some of the Bay Area’s best restaurants. Stop by their farm store and take some home for yourself.

Well-traveled folk often say Petaluma reminds them of Tuscany. Nestled in the hills west of Petaluma, McEvoy Ranch has 18,000 trees and is the largest organic producer of Tuscan-style, estate-grown olive oil in the US. Visitors can schedule private walking tours of the ranch with delightful nibbles and wine tastes along the way.

Our ranches and farms are both beautiful and educational. Visit their websites for information about tours and experiences.


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downtown petaluma


In Petaluma, farm-to-table cuisine isn’t a new foodie trend, it’s the way that Petaluma restaurants have always approached sourcing and preparing food. Our fertile farmland and moderate climate have made it possible for restaurants to serve locally-grown, seasonal foods since the first restaurant opened on the dusty streets of Petaluma in the mid-1800s. And it continues to the present day.

As much as we like to talk about our agricultural legacy, what really matters is the way the food tastes…that’s when “farm-to-table” changes from a description to an experience. Critics have sung the praises of Central Market’s “brilliantly-prepared,” locally-sourced menu for years. Their produce, poultry and pork come from their nearby farm and everything is made from scratch daily.

Della Fattoria’s name says it all. Owner and cookbook author Kathleen Weber chose “of the farm” because everything on their menu is rooted in the soil of their westside farm. As proof of the difference that their locally-sourced ingredients make in the taste and texture, Della Fattoria was recently named the best bakery in all of California!

Other downtown restaurants with an emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine include Cucina Paradiso, The Drawing Board, and Crocodile, just to name a few.


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Petaluma Farmers Market


Everyone knows that you’ll find the freshest and tastiest seasonal fruits and vegetables at Petaluma’s three farmers’ markets but that’s only the beginning of why they are such popular community hubs.

Each market has its own personality, offering a distinctive mix of fresh-off-the-farm produce, prepared foods, live entertainment, flowers, grass-fed meat and poultry, and artisan products. So whether you visit the year-round Eastside Market, the Saturday Afternoon Market in charming Walnut Park – the white gazebo is a great setting for photos – or the Wednesday Evening Market in lively Theatre Square, you’ll take home a memorable experience…and some delicious food.


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List of Petaluma’s Farmers Markets