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Nanny Goat Gallery Grand Opening

Nanny Goat Gallery

215 Water Street

(707) 329-6388

Event Link

Friday June 21, 2024

05:00 pm


Name History & Inspiration: During the 1940s to the 1960s, spanning three generations, members of my family resided on a picturesque hill in San Francisco affectionately referred to as Nanny Goat Hill. Memories of our family home evoke tales of its humble beginnings, the transformations it underwent, and the countless cherished moments shared within its walls—abundant laughter mingled with the occasional challenge.

Fast forward to today, and our journey continues with the establishment of our gallery in Petaluma, nestled just 20 miles north of the vibrant city. This endeavor is truly a family affair, with each member contributing their unique expertise: my husband bringing his skills in technology and law to the table, and my mom lending her financial acumen as our CPA. Yet, even in this modern venture, the spirits of my beloved grandmother and great-grandmother seem to linger, weaving their legacy into every aspect of our endeavor—an element that fills my heart with profound joy.

We hope you love our gallery as much as we love bringing it to you!