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Jura Margulis in Concert

20 4th Street


Event Link

Friday June 3, 2022

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Sky Hill Cultural Alliance & Petaluma Museum Association are pleased to present pianist Jura Margulis at our own “Petaluma Carnegie Hall” for another superb concert.

He has been a professor of piano at the Music and Art University in Vienna, Austria for the past 4 years. His program this year will include music from Vienna; Schubert; Godowsky and Strauss. If you have not yet heard his masterful performances you are in for a big treat!

Margulis will play his twelfth concert on the legendary Henry F. Miller concert grand, which is currently housed at the Petaluma Museum. This piano was built in Boston in 1899 and has been magnificently restored by JB Piano Company in San Rafael. His first performance on this piano was at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in 2009.

Complimentary wine – Balcony patrons will enjoy champagne, fine wines and special Sacher Torte, the famous dessert of Vienna.

Purchase tickets online HERE; or in person at the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum, 20 4th Street, Thursday – Sunday, from 10am to 3:45pm.