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Orin Carpenter “A Requiem to Claude Monet”

IceHouse Gallery

405 East D Street

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Saturday August 12, 2023 to Friday September 15, 2023


Opening reception: Saturday August 12th 5 – 8pm
By sharing his interpretation of his experience in the “Garden of Monet” Orin Carpenter is paying tribute to one of the world’s greatest painters – Impressionist Claude Monet.
His creative mastery of a style once laughed upon and ridiculed came to inspire artists for centuries pushing cultural, spiritual, and creative boundaries. After visiting Monet’s chateau in Giverny, France, Carpenter was engulfed in the true genius of his approach to art, life, and spirit. To him his garden encompasses beauty beyond the imagination and shares a glimpse of what he imagines the Garden of Eden fractionally looks like. Please join us for this wonderful exhibition of works in homage to Monet.