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Culinary Tours

Agricultural Freshness at 3 Farmers Markets

Jun 05, 2024 / madmin

Dating back to the Gold Rush era, Petaluma has had a reputation as an area of agricultural abundance. Today, visitors can explore Petaluma’s three farmers markets and discover – and taste! – all the deliciousness picked fresh from the field that morning. MORE

Taste the Bounty of Petaluma Valley

Jun 03, 2024 / madmin

A lot has changed since Petaluma was chartered in 1858. Through it all, Petaluma has stayed true to its roots as an area known for agricultural diversity. Artisan cheeses, organically-grown heirloom vegetables, all-natural free range poultry, and fresh-off-the-farm eggs are just a few of the products that give Petaluma its well-earned reputation as an area of delicious abundance. MORE

3 Authentic Ranch Experiences

May 08, 2023 / madmin

Petaluma is the best of both worlds: a little bit city and a little bit country. The city’s reputation as a foodie destination rivals that of San Francisco, our big city neighbor to the south. When it comes to the country-side of Petaluma, local ranches offer outdoor experiences that are unmatched in variety and interest. MORE

Petaluma Ranch and Farm Tours

Aug 31, 2017 / madmin

VISIT A PETALUMA FARMWhether you call it agri-tourism or just want to know more about where your food comes from, Petaluma farms offers visitors a grassroots experience. A list of Petaluma farms, ranches, and creameries is available here.Tara Firma Farms is passionate about providing consumers with “sustainable, local, and ethical sources to feed your family.” They believe that education is a key component of their mission so that people understand why eating high quality, fresh produce and meat from local farmers benefits their health, the environment and the animals.Wouldn’t we all feel better if we ate “healthy and happy fruits and vegetables”? MORE