Perhaps because Petaluma sits between Wine Country and San Francisco, two locales known for their devotion to delicious food, we claim more than our fair share of award-winning restaurants. Our agricultural heritage, fertile soil, and mild climate clearly give Petaluma chefs an advantage when creating their gourmet menus. Many of their starring ingredients are grown at nearby organic farms, handcrafted by local producers, or raised at the area’s many sustainable ranches. Michelin has even given nods to Petaluma restaurants—Central Market, Cucina Paradiso, Luma, and Risibisi.

If the family craves something a little more basic, Petaluma has plenty of options for down-home American fare such as burgers and pizza. Or be adventurous. Petaluma offers an amazing selection of ethnic cuisines ranging from Turkish to Thai. You won’t have to travel far to find exceptionally delicious and affordable dining.

downtown petaluma


Petaluma is a foodie’s fantasy – a home to entrepreneurs who use their passion and creativity to craft ice cream, bake bread, make cheese, distill whiskeys and ports, ferment charcuterie, and kombucha, to name just a few of the artisanal delicacies to be found in shops, restaurants and markets that dot the city of Petaluma.

Explore the perfect pairing – fine dining and historic downtown. Petaluma’s picturesque iron-front buildings aren’t just a feast for the eyes, the downtown district is a literal feast of dozens of eateries that offer visitors an unforgettable taste of our town. Reputed to have more restaurants per capita than much larger cities, you won’t have to look far to find one that showcases the community’s delicious abundance.

Venture outside our historic downtown and you will find all of the traditional chain restaurants you find through out the country as well as some hidden gems- sports bars, tasting rooms, and friendly neighborhood restaurants the locals know and love.


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Farm to table dining


In Petaluma, farm-to-table cuisine isn’t a new foodie trend, it’s the way that Petaluma restaurants have always approached sourcing and preparing food. Our fertile farmland and moderate climate have made it possible for restaurants to serve locally-grown, seasonal foods since the first restaurant opened on the dusty streets of Petaluma in the mid-1800s. And it continues to the present day.

As much as we like to talk about our agricultural legacy, what really matters is the way the food tastes…that’s when “farm-to-table” changes from a description to an experience. Critics have sung the praises of Central Market’s “brilliantly-prepared,” locally-sourced menu for years. Their produce, poultry and pork come from their nearby farm and everything is made from scratch daily.

Della Fattoria’s name says it all. Owner and cookbook author Kathleen Weber chose “of the farm” because everything on their menu is rooted in the soil of their westside farm. As proof of the difference that their locally-sourced ingredients make in the taste and texture, Della Fattoria was recently named the best bakery in all of California!

Other downtown restaurants with an emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine include Cucina Paradiso, The Drawing Board, and Crocodile, just to name a few.


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downtown petaluma


Your pets will love it back! Don’t leave your furry friends at home, “Who wants to go for a car ride?!” Pack up the entire family and head to Petaluma. Dining out at one of Petaluma’s delightful bistros is a treat that should be shared with all members of the family including the four-legged variety. You’ll enjoy the sights – and your pup will particularly enjoy the delicious aromas wafting along the breeze – at one of Petaluma’s many restaurants with patio seating. And if a morsel of that juicy, char-broiled burger just happened to fall from your plate and land a few inches from his nose, tails would wag. Bone appétit!

After your meal, be sure to browse around Downtown Petaluma. Your 4-legged friend will enjoy the stroll and shop owners welcome your well behaved dogs. Many offer bowls of water out front of their stores and often hind treats behind the counter. Your pup will be extremely grateful if you make a stop at the Petaluma Pet Company located right on Petaluma Blvd.


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