From Petaluma With Pride

Sample award-winning products at the source

Petaluma is a leader in the movement known as agritourism which connects people with growers and producers in authentic experiences.  Our rich farming and agricultural heritage is proudly represented in numerous farm tours and locally produced products. Whether you choose to visit a working dairy where your children can see how butter is made (they might be surprised to find out it doesn't come from the cow in cubes), sample award-winning artisan cheese through the ripening stages, or choose your favorite shade of pink rose at a nursery that grows hundreds of varieties, Petaluma's bounty awaits you.


News flash: At the 2011Cooking Light  Taste Test Awards, Petaluma's Bellwether Farms Whole Jersey Ricotta was named "Best in Cheese" in the Artisanal Category. Evidence yet again that Petaluma products are some of the best in the nation. (At this time, Bellwether Farms is not open to the public but their award-winning cheese can be purchased at Petaluma Market and Whole Foods.)