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Event Details from Bruce Cohn:
The Petaluma Holiday Treasure Hunt was started 2012; I have been walking/hiking and biking our beautiful, diverse city and wanted to find away to get more people off their seats and cell phones and really see Petaluma. So the idea of a “Treasure Hunt” formed.
It began with a “hunt” every Sunday the month of December and the Petaluma Patch helped promote it.
It started to be so much fun I decided to have multiple hunts throughout the year. It has brought me a lot of pleasure, seeing the smiling faces of the winners.
It is time for a few “rules”
1. When you find a treasure you will have 30 days to claim it; if it is not claimed it will be added to the next hunt.
2. Please limit your find to 1 per hunt so others can have some fun too.
3. Please respect your surroundings and do not leave any trash or disturb plants.
5. Please take a “selfie” and post it so we can all know that treasure has been found.

All Clues are photo clues; I attach a small card with duct tape to an object, then take a photo of it. It is then cropped very small and each day more of the photo will be exposed until the treasure is found.