Vintage Bank Antiques

Something for every style and budget at Vintage Bank Antiques

Whether it’s the impressive iron-front buildings on Western Street or much smaller utilitarian objects from everyday life, Petaluma values and preserves the past.

No where is this more in evidence than Vintage Bank Antiques at the corner of Western and Petaluma Boulevard in the heart of downtown. Housed in the stately 1926 American Trust Company Building, the store offers 12,000 sq. ft. and three floors of china, jewelry, furniture, paintings, objets d’art and hundreds upon hundreds of other beautiful and intriguing antiques.

Even after operating Vintage Bank Antiques for 22 years, Davis still gets a great deal of satisfaction treasure hunting for the store. “I love the fun of the hunt finding things…and then finding someone else who loves it.”

After sitting empty for several years in the early 1990s, antique dealer Warren Davis saw the building’s potential and opened Vintage Bank in 1995. Showcasing antiques in an “antique” structure just made sense. “It was such a great building on such a great corner that even my wife said it was a good idea.”


The store houses 30 antique dealers, all with distinct specialties and design sensibilities giving shoppers the opportunity to find exactly what suits their style.

Davis says that while there are still people shopping for traditional collectibles, most “are less concerned about how old something is and are more interested in its style. Antiques are a fashion-driven business.”

Davis says that because Petaluma has so many high-quality antique galleries in the downtown area, shoppers can spend the whole day browsing, going from store-to-store. “We are a real destination. Visitors tell us that every time they are in San Francisco they come to see us. We’ve had visitors from Germany on their fifth visit.”